Christy Miller essay

For an English class years ago, I had to write an essay about an influencing book(s) besides the Bible. I chose the Christy Miller series (what a surprise). Everyone who reads these books, or any other series by Robin Jones Gunn, is bound to be inspired.

The Christy Miller Collection opened new doors for me.  This Christian series is written by Robin Jones Gunn.  The series is about a teenage girl, named Christy Miller, who goes through her high school years facing everyday problems in our society.  I enjoy the Christy Miller Collection because it offers a Christian perspective.

The Christy Miller Collection inspired me to have a healthy relationship with God.  At the end of each book, Christy is taught a lesson.  In Book Six: A Heart Full of Hope, Christy learns to put God first in all her relationships, and to love God above all else.  In Book Twelve: A Promise is Forever, she learns first-hand that God’s plan is the plan that matters, and that unexpected twists and turns in life happen for a reason.  Robin Jones Gunn showed me how God can work in other people’s lives.
The Christy Miller Collection also pushes the reader to “hold out for a hero”.

Christy goes though many tough situations with boys in her life, and it helped me realize exactly what a healthy Christian relationship is.  Book Six: A Heart Full of Hope was an example that you need to set boundaries in your relationships, and that they should please God.  It helped me determine good relationships from the bad.

Christy goes through some harsh experiences with her friends.  She relies on God through these situations, and sets an example for the reader.  The problems that she faces inspire me to become closer to God and trust Him through all circumstances.  Reading this series was a pleasure to me because it showed how you can honor God through all situations, and it helped me make better God-based decisions.