Volume 2

This is a quick outline of each chapter. I caution those who haven't read the books yet-if you don't want the story spoiled, don't read this! Don't think "Oh, I don't have to read the books, I can just read this," either, because this is very preliminary. It is really worth it to read the books!

BOOK FOUR: Surprise Endings
          Cheerleading tryouts are coming up, and Christy Miller is giving it all she's got. The competition is tough and some of the girls are just rude, but Christy thinks she has a good chance to make the squad. Meanwhile prom is just around the corner, and Christy hopes her parents will make an exception to their "no dating until sixteen" rule. She'd love to go with Todd to his prom! But nothing turns out as Christy had planed. As the surprises keep coming, can Christy respond with grace...and maybe even spring a surprise of her own? (From back of book)

1 Dreams for a Price

2 Rah-Rah Girls Don’t Quit

3 Hopeful Romantics

4 Under the Flower Trellis

5 An Enchanted Evening

6 Inside, Outside

7 Jasmine and Other Poisonous Flowers

8 Prom Plans

9 Jealous Love

10 A Hollow Victory

11 I Can Wait

12 A Laurel Crown

13 Surprise


BOOK FIVE: Island Dreamer
Christy Miller is spending her sixteenth birthday on Maui with her family, Todd, and Paula, her best friend from Wisconsin! What could be better? But Christy soon finds that she and Paula don't have as much in common anymore. Paula's obsessed with having a boyfriend...even if it means stealing Todd from Christy! Will he choose Paula over her? Or will the islands send Christy dreaming in new directions? (From back of book)

1 What’s So Funny?

2 Do You Want to know a Secret?

3 If Only Katie Could Fit in My Suitcase

4 Flight 272 Is Now Boarding

5 Aloha!

6 “Sweet” Sixteen?

7 Come On, Christy, Show Us How to Hula!

8 Mystery Call from the Blue Grotto

9 Mosquito Nets and Prayers

10 Which Way to the Waterfalls?

11 The Bridge

12 Hana After It Rains

13 The “God-Thing”

BOOK SIX: A Heart Full of Hope
Christy Miller is sixteen, and that means she can finally date! Rick has waited months for this, and he has a whole list of dates planned. He's not happy about her early curfews and weekend job, but Christy knows her parents aren't about to negotiate on those points. Really, she's dazzled to be pursued by such a thoughtful guy. So why does she feel overwhelmed? Where does Todd fit into her life now? And can any guy really fulfill all her hopes? (From back of book)

1 Dazzling Dream Date

2 When Rick Got on His Knees

3 The Luckiest Girl in the World

4 Later, Christy

5 Holding Hands

6 Restrictions

7 One Hedgehog and One Rabbit to Go

8 Number Eight on the List

9 Where’s Walter?

10 Wild Kites Dancing in the Wind

11 Tostada Surprise

12 A Fair Trade?

13 Twice

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