Volume 3

This is a quick outline of each chapter. I caution those who haven't read the books yet-if you don't want the story spoiled, don't read this! Don't think "Oh, I don't have to read the books, I can just read this," either, because this is very preliminary. It is really worth it to read the books!

BOOK SEVEN: True Friends
          What is a true friend? Christy Miller knows she has two of them: Todd and Katie. To show how much she appreciates them, she writes to Todd, who’s off surfing in Hawaii, and she agrees to join the ski club with Katie…even though she’s scared of skiing! Fortunately, Christy and Katie can laugh as they bumble their way around the bunny slopes at Lake Tahoe. But Christy finds herself caught between new friends and her loyalty to Katie. Will Christy find a way to be a true friend when it counts most? And will she ever hear from Todd? (From back of book)

1 A Lightning Bolt from Heaven

2 The King of Returns

3 Pass the M&Ms

4 Friendship? Yes, Please!

5 You Go, Girlfriend!

6 Peculiar Treasures

7 The Little Mouse

8 96817

9 The Inside-Outsider

10 Up Close and Personal

11 A Little Mouthwash Goes A Long Way

12 Traitor

13 Guilty

14 I Just Wanted to Be Sure of You

BOOK EIGHT: Starry Night
It’s Christmastime, and Christy Miller has so much going on: family time, work, and maybe, just maybe, going to the Rose Bowl Parade with a bunch of friends. If only she could answer Uncle Bob’s tough questions. Todd’s buddy Doug gives her some insight, and she starts to appreciate him in a whole new way. Rick Doyle shows up again...but is he pursuing Christy or the cutest elf at the mall? Through it all, will Christy find someone special to count the stars with? (From back of book)

1 Car Trek: The Next Generation

2 Chocolate Chip Rescue

3 Opposites Don’t Attract, Do They?

4 I’m Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

5 Camera-Shy Christy

6 Thanks a Lot, Uncle Doug!

7 Snow Wars

8 Diamonds in the Sky

9 Spin Dry

10 Just Friends

11 The White Rose Parade

12 Katie, You Didn’t!

13 Marti’s Party

14 Counting Stars


BOOK NINE: Seventeen Wishes
It’s summer, and that means the beach and other adventures. And Christy Miller’s best friend, Katie, is always full of ideas. They’ll be camp counselors! But when Katie can’t go, Christy is bewildered and overwhelmed by her fifth-grade girls, who have boundless energy for anything except what Christy wants them to do. Do they even hear a word she says? Soon they’re playing matchmaker between Christy and Jaeson, a handsome counselor...and he doesn’t seem to mind. When Christy’s seventeenth birthday arrives later in the summer, just what will she be wishing for? (From back of book)

1 Act Natural

2 Mr. Gizmo

3 Elephants, Monkeys, and Snakes

4 Katie’s Idea of a Good Time

5 Camp Wildwood

6 What You Can Never Do

7 Tippy Canoe

8 Moonlight Picnic

9 View from a Hollow Tree

10 Sara’s Promise

11 Seventeen

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