Volume 4

This is a quick outline of each chapter. I caution those who haven't read the books yet-if you don't want the story spoiled, don't read this! Don't think "Oh, I don't have to read the books, I can just read this," either, because this is very preliminary. It is really worth it to read the books!

BOOK TEN: A Time to Cherish
For Labor Day weekend, Christy Miller is on a houseboat at Lake Shasta. What could be better? She’s about to find out! Before they know it, both Christy and her best friend, Katie, are receiving some unexpected male attention. But somehow these best friends are at odds just when they should be having the most fun together. Christy soon realizes that sometimes you have to stand back and let people make their own decisions, even when they’re headed for a fall. And although life is never perfect, this is definitely a time to cherish. (From back of book)

1 No Guarantees

2 Just Enjoy Today

3 Marooned!

4 Try, Try Again

5 Moonlight and Noses

6 Michael and Fred

7 She Brought Raisins

8 Mice on a Mission

9 Harder and Richer

10 Thirty Percent Off

11 Truce or Consequences

12 A Handful of Regret

13 To Cherish

BOOK ELEVEN: Sweet Dreams
Christy Miller’s senior year is delicious, especially the time she spends with Todd. But her best friend, Katie, is struggling-she’s realized she needs to break up with Michael. It’s not easy! Fortunately both Doug and Disneyland help Katie to cheer up. Christy is learning to let go and get out of the way so that her friends can become who they’re meant to be...even when it jeopardizes her own sweet dreams. (From back of book)

1 What Else Could Go Wrong?

2 The Organic Tomato

3 Blessed Are the Peacemakers

4 Just Let Me Hurt

5 The Happiest Place On Earth

6 If Only You Knew

7 Sunday Best

8 Fasten Your Seat Belts, Please

9 Sweet Dreams

10 Weird and Tweaked

11 I’ll Be Here

12 Salt on Her Lips

13 Let Go

14 The Secret Revealed

BOOK TWELVE: A Promise Is Forever
Christy Miller’s going to Europe! It’s a three-week missions trip with Doug, Katie, and Tracy. First stop: London for some sightseeing, and then a castle in the English countryside for group training. Christy is so excited to be headed for Belfast with her friends-despite some tension among them. But when plans go topsy-turvy at the last minute, Christy must face her fears and realize that some things are more important than her own comfort...and that even when she can’t foresee the end result, a promise truly is forever. (From back of book)

1 The Adventure Begins

2 Big Ben and Other Famous Stuff

3 A Cup of Tea

4 Carnfort Hall

5 Knights on White Steeds

6 Communion and Concord

7 The Awesome Team

8 Sir Honesty

9 Garden of the Heart

10 The True Princess

11 Missionary Woman

12 Midnight Picnic

13 Forever

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